Friday, June 20, 2008

adrift and at peace.

like the blog title? i do. so much in fact, that i've decided, it will be the title of the book i'm about to write. it's a nine inch nails song that i really love. and i've been listening to the, "still," e.p. which is a major motivator in me wanting to write again.

now, you're saying to yourself, "doug, you're actually going to write a book??? you can't even update your fucking blog..." i know...

i wrote a book a few years back that was published under planet isolation publications, and has since been out of print, although no one ever bought the damn thing... and in honor of the new book, i plan on re-editing my first book, which was originally titled, "dust wings and needle sores," later changed to, "forget i said anything," and posting it online for free. maybe as a pdf file... haven't decided yet.

both covers will be included as well as a short story titled, "crimson cigarettes," i wrote online a long time ago, which was one of my more prouder writing achievements, that was to be done as a comicbook, but the artist did two pages which looked amazing, and then fell out of the project.

the new book, will be an actual story however, where as the first was a collection of short paragraphs and lyrics.

i've had this idea for a few days now, rattling around in my head, of a dramatic comedy. that's all i will say.

it won't be quick in the forthcoming, but it will be forthcoming.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

back to the roots, or, "how i got my roots groove back to square one."

let's see how long i can write before i get bored and ends this update immediately...

"the kids in the hall," show went splendidly. all new material, hysterical, I GOT TO MEET THEM ALL INCLUDING MY HERO BRUCIO MCCULLOCH!, and ran into heidi... it's was an amazing evening, filled with laughter, and geeking out. pics to follow at a later date.

i can see why, "indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull," was panned by many... the cgi was a bit bad, and there wasn't as much action as the other films, and... aliens... however, i did find myself enjoying the film immensely.

i still feel that, "temple of doom," was the weak link in the series, and this new film really is just a fun, dramatic, adventure. it's an older indy. it's set in '57. the man can only go on so many adventures before the arthritis sets in...

i really went into it not expecting much because honestly, the trailer made it looks pretty weak, but i was really surprised... maybe as i get older, i just go into movies wanting to be entertained, and not have my life change significantly... and if that's the case, kudos to you spielbergo and luca... kudos.

the new david fincher film, "the curious life of benjamin button," looks brilliant.

been burning through my stimulus check like i said i wouldn't. and on frivolous things like my addiction... dvd's.

i got: the orphanage, lord of illusions, halloween '07, strange brew, cloverfield, raising arizona, and the big lebowski.

next payday, i've decided it's time i get the seinfeld series boxset. i'm a moron.

another dvd set i really want is...

such an underrated show, that i just loved dearly. i'm a closet jon lovitz fan. even if he's good friends with douchey dane cook...

found a torrent site that is dedicated to the preservation of all the best show, live and animated alike, from the 90's and below. since discovering it, i've begun downloading the following to burn to dvd:

-the vacant lot. [sister show to kids in the hall. feature mark mckinney's brother nick, as well as the rest of the cast being frequent character on KITH.]

-exit 57. [a great sketch show that features a wide cast which included amy sedaris and stephen colbart.]

-the head. [the complete first and second seasons of the great mtv oddities animated series.]

-liquid television. [the entire three season run!]

-doug. [the first season of my nickelodeon namesake.]

-kids in the hall present brain candy. [the never before released alternate version with a different subplot and ending.]

and many more...

i've been geeking out lately and all of my indulgences and in this geek-a-thon... i have forgotten about vaginas... huh...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"there's fifty-two ways to murder anyone..."

i really haven't had much to say, and i wasn't going to update until i beat GTA IV, but fuck it. here's a brief up on the haps...

the trailer for the new, "x-files," movie, "the x-files: i want to believe," is up over at x-files dot com, and it looks fucking amazing.

anyone who knows me, knows how fanatical i can be about the show when i want to. i have all nine season, the film, the comics, and somewhere around this house, most of the toys that came out back when mcfarlane started farting toys out his company backdoor.

i believe the show ranks in the high listings of david lynch's, "twin peaks." it's that good.

x-files homosexuality aside, i'm going to see the, "kids in the hall," reunion show in two weeks up in tampa.

i'm pretty excited about that because i've been a fan of them for a while, and want to meet my comedy hero, bruce mcculloch.

more to come. i'm too rushed.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

may 4th, 2008.

things have been good for the past few days. bland, and good.

i did something i'm still unsure about having gone through the recent fraud thing, but, it's a once in a lifetime kinda thing i did.

see, as long as i can think back, i've been into comedy. most people dig music, me... i really dig comedy.

the kids in the hall was one of those rare moments in time for me that just made sense. being able to creatively get a couple of friends together and write just brilliant comedy and perform it.

well, since the show ended in '95, they reunited twice. once for a lengthy tour in 2000 or 2001, i can recall, and last year at the montreal comedy fest.

they're on tour again, with nothing but new material, and i decided, you know what, the fifty bucks is worth it to say i saw the kids in the hall perform live.

friday the 23rd, i drive to tampa to see them at ruth eckard hall. i'm pretty excited about that. i need to pick up a camera as i'm told they do come out afterwards and hang around, and i will be there with my copy of, "dog park," for my hero, bruce mcculloch to sign. pretty gay huh?

in other news, "no country for old men," is a film i highly recommend everyone see. it's outstanding.

grand theft auto IV is so-so for me right now. it's a solid story, but it suffers from terrible controls. i don't know. more time maybe?

Monday, April 28, 2008

april 27th, 2008.

most days for me start out early. around three in the morning. if i'm lucky, i get to sleep in once in a while until five-twenty. on this sunday, i make it until six-thirty.

do the dog pissin/shitting thing, come in, feed the sweet faced bulldog, rub my eyes a bit, pour a glass of grape soda, and watch, "hitman."

i end up enjoying the film for the most part, i've seen worse videogame flicks by far, but didn't find too much to really nitpick about. it was what it was. timothy olyphant owns.

jump onto, "halo 3," and do up some double experience points weekend team swat, and within two matches advance to gunnery sergeant. i get happy only to find out i have to earn 150 more XP's to get to gunnery sergeant grade 1. dreams are shattered for the day.

spend the rest of the mid to late morning fighting with myself to take a nap while having season five x-files as background noise to help. it never pans out.

bryan, bridget, and atty show up a little later and we make an attempt at getting them caught up on, "the office," and make it through disc three of season two, and at the end of it, i'm reminded why i love the show so much. it's hilarious approach to basic situations with people we've all met at one point in time, in one form or another.

now, i can't be sure, but i think when i was getting atty a popsicle, bryan pulled the ol' wang chungers out and waved it about. i'm not fully sure though.

they leave after a bit, and i retire to more, "halo 3."

i end up going into my room, sifting through more season five x-files, and finally, end up passing out at some point to be awoken by my alarm clock telling me it's time to get ready for work. i curse at it, eat some m & m's, drink some milk, piss, shit, shave, brush my teeth, and head into what will be my day.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

april 25th, 2008.

i wake up groggy, and swallow all my meds with one fierce swoop of water.

i let the dog out, walk around out in the dark for a beat, enjoying the cool breeze that's very rare these days. the dog drops magnums and wants to go inside immediately. i conquer, and follow suit.

feed the ol' girl, brush my teeth, trim my sideburns, swab on some deodorant, put on my clothes for the day, and with an hour to spare, i get onto some halo 3 ranked matches.

finish up with fifteen minutes to get to work, and go in.

work goes by, and i piss off two co-workers, but to my benefit, i have no morals whatsoever, and let it in one ear and out the other.

i get home, let the pooch out, and check my machine to find my credit union fraud prevention services wanting to know about some charges made on my debit card. i call and find out someone got my info and wiped me out dry.

broke, sad, upset, and hyper, i freak out, and then calm down after talking to the credit union peeps who inform me it'll be okay, but it's gonna take a few weeks to get my money back. with mortgage and bills due next week, and no debit card [i had it canceled,] i begin to try and reason with how i'm gonna make it through all of this.

against what i tell myself, i let my mom know what's going on. my dad, who i've always feared, loved, and respected, makes it clear he's gonna help me out, despite my protests. i tell him when i get this straightened out, the money is coming back to him. he says he knows it is, and that this kind of thing happens, and that's what parents do for their kids. i have to remember this for when it comes time to put him in a home. it'll be a nice one. *i needed some humor to break the tension of how my nerves are...*

dante and i play, "gears of war," co-op for the second time around, so i can get the dom achievements. he's a real bro that way.

joe from work comes over and gets the work out machine the roommates left behind.

when i'm helping his friend load it in his truck, he goes into my house, and leaves forty five bucks on my keyboard.

after joe leaves, i find the money, and get a little tearful. this is a guy who i couldn't stand when he started, who now found out last week he will be let go because of budget cuts, and is worse off financially than me with a wife and kid, and finds that he feels the need to help me out anyway... we as a society take small acts of kindness for granted. he is a king among men.

dante and play some more and then he has to go for a clan match, so i catch up on my thursday night show line-up from the night before:

my name is earl, assy mcgee, scrubs, smallville, lost, and the office.

they all own except for, "my name is earl," which is starting to bore me.

i play some halo 3 before deciding to retire to my room for some season five x-files episodes where i fall asleep midway through, "the great mutato," episode, thus resulting in a dream that has a soundtrack of nothing but cher.

Friday, April 18, 2008

there is no sunlight where i'm going.

the doctor's visit went well. i have a trifecta of infection's beginning in my right ear canal, going into my nasal passage, and ending in my throat. it's so severe, he put me on this high-class potent antibiotic that he told me was so good it's ridiculously expensive. luckily, my insurance covered it and i didn't have to fork over a dime.

waking up the past few mornings with this has been the worse. dry/raw throat. puss/blood coated phlem. barely being able to swallow... this just sucks.

i'm sure i'll get shit on monday from work, but... i can't help it i have shitty immunities... and bad luck.

i had no clue that, "death cab for cutie," had a new album in the works, and i somehow managed to nab a copy of it in advance, and to be honest... it's incredible.

i've never been a big fan of death cab... i liked, "the photo album," and, "transatlantacism," but everything else always left me kinda dry. especially their last release.

when it comes to ben gibbard, i've always been a sucker for his solo/postal service work, but this new death cab is really something to be heard. it's melodic, dark, depressive, optimistic, and experimental... i would dare to say beautiful as well...

i traded in, "bully: scholarship edition," and here's why:

i beat the game on ps2, and with this, on the 360. i unlocked every achievement with the exception of two. dual nebula, and perfectionist. while one is worth 125 gamer points, the other is at 25, and they're mundane in what you have to do to get them, so i said to hell with it, and swapped it out for a game i never had a desire to play until it's fourth installment wowed me...

call of duty 2.

the game's hard as hell. no way getting around it. of course, i'm playing it on veteran seeing as how that's the only way to unlock achievements.

please don't assume i'm an achievement points whore, because i'm really not. i just figure, if the game has them, and i'm gonna play it anyway, why not throw in the challenge of playing it on a harder level and be rewarded.

and i've only unlocked one so far on COD2. it's ridiculously hard on veteran. but, i guess after beating most of the games i've played lately on hard or more, anything seems possible.

still, as far as games go, COD2 is okay, but not nearly as compelling as, "call of duty 4: modern warfare." that game is a glass of brillance in and of itself.

there's not much else going on in the way of life. i want out of florida, and even though my house has been on the market for a little over a month, i have yet to have one bite on it. this country has gone to hell in the way of economy. congrats bush supporters. you wanted him, and now he's wreaked havoc like the fires in mordor.

other forms of fun.

why not buy one of the many items i need, and give it to me for being awesome?...

My Wish List

i'm live too... what's your gaming skills like?